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Who is Southern Loan Servicing?

Southern Loan Servicing is a comprehensive owner-financed loan servicing company and Louisiana’s largest Bond for Deed servicing firm.

We serve any owner-financed, amortizing loan issued by individuals, lenders, note brokers, loan brokers and private investors.

There are no hidden charges and no cancellation fees with our affordable flat monthly fee for loans of any value.

We offer simple, worry-free 24/7 online self-service account management and loan administration.

Whether it’s a home, car, boat or other type of owner-financed loan, we can service it for you.

Contact us to learn more about how we can provide you with safe, automated loan servicing options for any type of owner-financed installment debt.

Easy account log in options for lenders and borrowers.

Why use an independent loan servicing company?

The fact is that borrowers and lenders do not often agree on the details, timing or amounts of payments made. Consider some of these cases that we have seen...

* on-time payments made to a lender that were not recorded, but were contested once the original lender was deceased and the heirs wanted proof of payments made;

* intentional dishonesty from one or both borrowers and lenders regarding payments and amounts due;

* attempts by borrower to build credit using private loans, but unable to report because of the payments were not recorded anywhere;

Only an independent and experienced third party loan servicing company, like Southern Loan Servicing, can offer you protection from these risks.

Top Five Reasons to Choose Southern Loan Servicing

When choosing a loan servicing company, consider that we are...

1) licensed by the Louisiana Office of Financial Institutions as an escrow agent;

2) bonded as additional insurance against loss;

3) transparent, offering both borrowers and lenders independent documentation of payments made and balance outstanding;

4) experienced, bringing 30 years of local transaction history to your loan;

5) technologically sophisticated, able to provide 24/7 account access, ACH transfers and tax forms to borrowers.