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A partner you can trust

At Southern Loan Servicing, we pride ourselves on facilitating authentic relationships between sellers and buyers for some of life’s biggest purchases!
We specialize in the administration of installment loans, making the process as transparent as possible for all parties involved. As Louisiana’s largest Bond for Deed servicing firm, we have seen firsthand the benefits of relying on a professional to oversee your loan!
Southern Loan Servicing offers:
 – 24/7 online self-service account management
–  A paper trail with independent documentation of payments made and outstanding balances
Why use a loan servicing company?
In owner-financed installment loans, the seller allows the buyer to pay for a purchase using a payment schedule. Southern Loan Servicing offers a hassle free option to ensure the terms of the loan are met.
We collect the payments and take care of the fine print – so our clients don’t have to!
Whether you have seller-financed real estate payments, long term escrows, private notes, mortgages or other amortizing loans, we can service it for you. Southern Loan Servicing wants to manage the repayment schedule of the loan, so our clients can be stress free.

For those of you who already know what our servicing does to simplify your life, check out and follow along on our social media pages! 

A partner you can trust!