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Southern Loan Servicing provides you with the peace of mind that comes from having your loan servicing account information available 24/7 in a printer-friendly format.

Using third-party servicing for your loan provides several benefits to borrowers. Buyers need to have up-to-date access to the status of their loan, including the payment amount and date history for all payments made. However, that’s not all that a Borrower needs to be secure.

Southern Loan Servicing protects you from claims that you did not make one or more payments. We provide a neutral paper trail that documents exactly when payments were made. That way, you can rest assured in the knowledge that there is always a record of your hard work and timely repayments. Contact us to learn more about how our objective loan servicing helps to protect borrowers like you.

Louisiana Bond for Deed borrowers use this login link to service their accounts.

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All borrowers who do not have a Louisiana bond for deed contract use this link to service their account.

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