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How Natural Disasters are Influencing Housing Choices

A recent survey found that at least three-in-four buyers took natural disasters into consideration when they were choosing their new home.

A recent survey shows that many buyers consider natural disasters before choosing their next home. Here in Louisiana we are all too familiar with this, whether it be flood, hurricane, tornado or anything else mother nature throws at us. But we are not alone, homeowners also worried about severe cold or winter storms, (hello Texas 2020/2021) wildfires, droughts and sinkholes.

Being prepared for the types of storms or natural disasters that may occur in a given area can help mitigate damage and even potentially save lives. The first step to preparedness is to find out what types of disasters are more likely to hit your area, then take steps to prepare the ones you’re most at risk for. Many different types of disasters can have similar consequences and can be prepared for in similar ways. This can make some steps universal regardless of where you live. Take steps to prepare for disasters and help home and business owners protect their properties to minimize damage and damage related costs the next time disaster strikes.