Open an Account

The process to open an account with us is simple. Have your fully completed and signed sales contract with details of the financing, including principle balance originally and currently, the period for the loan’s payoff and the interest rate, as well as any other details we should know. In addition, have contact information for both the borrower and lender, including home address, telephone, and a regularly used email account.

Once you have those details, review our INFORMATION NEEDS LIST, complete our CONTRACT then contact us to open an account
(call 504-367-2512 for fastest response). If there are information gaps in your contract or if the contract is not properly signed and dated with details of the sale (including property and terms), then we will not be able to open your account until those issues are remedied.

Once we receive your information and set up the account, we will manage all of the administrative tasks required to properly and accurately record payments, monitor account balances, assess and collect late fees and report the information to the borrower and lender on a 24/7 basis online.

It is important to note that we are not a collection agency and do not assist with loan loss recovery. Our role in the loan process is to provide borrowers with an independent means of tracking their payments, while for lenders we offer the ease of receiving simplified loan administration through direct deposits to your account, annual tax form creation and 24/7 online access to current balance information.

Southern Loan Servicing is Louisiana’s largest BOND FOR DEED servicing company and has the experience and platform to service any owner-financed amortizing installment loan.

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