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Southern Loan Servicing, Inc. - 2023

Simple and safe loan administration

We stand with our real estate closing partners to provide the most accessible and user-friendly loan servicing on the market! Title companies truly have been industry leaders during the public health crisis, embracing technology in new ways to maintain a high standard of customer service. 

Opening an account is as easy as gathering some standard documents and contacting us for a quick chat. And the convenience doesn’t stop there. Our clients can access important account information securely from the safety of their own home. 

If you currently work with us, then you know that we pride ourselves on offering both buyers and sellers a safe and transparent platform for their loan agreements. We independently document all aspects of loans, from payments made down to outstanding balances and tax forms. 

We are happy to offer 24/7 online access to your account details, such as loan balance, payment due dates and account history. Rest assured that this data is secure and can only be accessed by you by means of your Borrower Account number and a PIN that we have assigned. That means you can worry less – and enjoy life more!

Subject-To Mortgage Sales with Southern Loan Servicing

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