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Using Real Estate

As a retirement investment

Thousands of 401(k) plan savers have pulled money from retirement savings during the coronavirus pandemic.

You aren’t alone.

But here’s some good news: Southern Loan Servicing is putting a new twist on the benefits of investing in real estate. As a hot summer housing market shows no signs of slowing down for fall, we know our title friends are busy closing deals for homebuyers and savvy real estate investors alike. 

With new, unprecedented lending requirements shutting many homebuyers out from traditional bank-owned mortgages, owner financing is on the rise. For sellers, owner financing is a great way to safeguard their financial security from whatever swing the stock market takes next!

With home prices skyrocketing and motivated buyers on the hunt, owner financing transforms the house you want to sell into an investment property. Instead of the bank, the buyer repays the seller — and that’s where Southern Loan Servicing steps in. We are your expert in ensuring these agreements are administered efficiently and transparently.

The opportunities might not be endless right now with your 401(k), but they are with owner financed notes! We turn home sellers into smart investors every day.

Southern Loan Servicing is doing our part to breathe new life into real estate investments. Just ask our satisfied customers who are weathering these unpredictable times with confidence. 

Interested in what owner financing can do for you and your portfolio? To learn more about what we have to offer, visit