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Southern Loan Servicing, Inc. - 2023

Who is Southern Loan Servicing?

WE are comprehensive loan servicing company for owner financed transactions and Louisiana’s largest Bond for Deed contract servicing firm.

We serve any owner-financed, amortizing loan issued by individuals, lenders, note brokers, loan brokers and private investors. There are no hidden charges with our affordable flat monthly fee for loans of any value. We offer simple, worry-free 24/7 online self-service account management and loan administration services.

Whether it’s a home or other type of owner-financed loan, we can service it for you. Contact us to learn more about how we can provide you with safe, automated servicing options for any type of owner-financed installment loans in Louisiana and beyond. Both borrowers and lenders feel safe with us as an independent and trustworthy third party loan servicing company for their owner financed home contract verifying payments and balances owned.

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Historical overview

Since 1985, Southern Loan Servicing has been at the forefront of Bond for Deed contract services in the State of Louisiana. It holds the first license ever given by the Louisiana Office of Financial Institutions for Bond for Deed servicers and is the largest Bond for Deed Louisiana collection company.

The company was originally known as Southern Escrow & Title, Inc., but changed its name in 2016 to better reflect its growth as an independent loan servicer for all types of owner-financed loans. 

Over the past 35 years, SLS has serviced more owner-financed contracts than any other servicer in Louisiana. This deep history gives us the know-how to structure and collect on owner-financed transactions in a way that few others in the country can match.

Our Location

While Louisiana has always been the core of our business operations and we have focused on Southern loans, our owner financing servicing company provides contracted collection services to borrowers and lenders across the country.

Whether a Louisiana Bond for Deed, or a Contract for Deed or Land Contract (as they are called in many other states), we can collect payments on all of them anywhere in the United States.

If you are planning to buy a home using owner-financing, you can find us just outside of New Orleans at 2325 Manhattan Boulevard, Harvey, LA 70058.

Team behind Southern Loan Servicing

As one of the oldest loan servicing companies for seller financing, Southern Loan Servicing has over 30 years of experience in Louisiana local transactions.

That being said, each of our staff members is a trained expert in owner-financed loans, bringing their knowledge and professionalism to every single case.

SLS team